Football diplomacy: German Foreign Office teases Britons on Brexit ahead of Champions League game

Borussia Dortmund trains ahead of Champions' League game
Borussia Dortmund trains ahead of Champions' League game Copyright REUTERS/MATTHEW CHILDS
By Sandrine Amiel
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The German Foreign Office said there would be no deal and no backstop in the match between Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspur.


Ahead of a highly anticipated Champion's League match that will see Borussia Dortmund face off with Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday evening, the German Foreign Office took to Twitter to support its team and tease their British rivals.

"Dear Brits, We really ❤️ you & still think it’s a pity that you want to leave the EU, " the tweet said.

"But when it comes to the last 16 of #UCL we are for a quick triple #Brexit – #NoDeal and no #backstop," it continued.

The Brexit joke instantly became very popular on the social network — particularly among British users. Many poked fun at the Germans for actually being capable of humour, while others answered more seriously on the merits of leaving or staying in the EU.

The UK Foreign Office responded with statistics showing England was ahead of other European nations in terms of Champions League appearances.

"We are leaving the EU, but we’re not leaving Europe," the tweet concluded.

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