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Brexit high stakes and fatigue

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By Euronews
Brexit high stakes and fatigue

It is just over a hundred days until Brexit day- and more than two years after the referendum to leave the EU- while the headlines are dominated by politicians we head to a market in the EU quarter to hear if people are getting Brexit fatigue.

"I am not bored at all but I would have liked to have had a decision today. I really wonder what will happen and I really hoping for a second referendum or maybe even a cancellation," says one passerby.

"I think the whole thing was stupid from the beginning so either lets get it done with or let's not do it, shall we," comments another.

John from Ireland says, "We are totally exhausted listening to Brexit and I think in general the country is very worried about what is going to happen.

The Brexit debate is even being heard across the world, with one man from Colombia remarking:

"It is a historical error, while the world is turning upsidedown in many areas, England made a bad decision to leave the EU."

Julius, a parliamentary intern from Austria comments:

"It is crucial to discuss it as it is such an interesting, maybe not interesting but a dangerous issue, a wrong decision that was taken, a decision that was only taken due to interior political differences and basically it was only tactics..and then during the run it, it was only lies and wrong concepts of a UK after Brexit."

A decision that is seriously worrying the business community who are getting frustrated but trying to stay calm and carry on.

"There is surely Brexit-igue.. as I would call it because I mean it as it is difficult to follow and sometimes this really doesn't not look like rational scenario. People are a bit tired of what is happening but we are motivated to go on and find a solution," says Markus Beyrer, Director General of BusinessEurope.

Solutions that appear evasive.

"Whatever talks are happening, fine for us, but we are asking everybody to take their responsibility to avoid a disorderly Brexit as this would be a disaster for all sides," comments Beyrer.

A disaster the EU is also trying to avoid, as a no-deal scenario would be a lose-lose situation for all.