Losing my religion: Sunday service without prayer

Losing my religion: Sunday service without prayer
By Euronews
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The Sunday Assembly phenomenon that has swept the UK is making its way to Europe. That’s the subject of this Utalk. The question is from Fanny in Paris: “ Since its creation in 2013, the Sunday Assembly has been very successful, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. This new concept of a 100% ‘godless church’ is now becoming successful in continental Europe too. But what is it all about ?”

The response is from Sanderson Jones, co-founder of the Sunday Assembly:

The Sunday Assembly is a congregation that celebrates life. And we have an awesome motto: ‘Live better, Help often and Wonder more’. We were called the ‘atheist church’ but we are really a radically inclusive community for everyone. We have religious people who come but we just don’t talk about God. Because we’d rather talk about other things we do believe in and there are places where they can go to talk about god if they want to.

And so we started this in London – me and my friend Pippa Evans. And now there are 28 Sunday Assemblies across the word and there are going to be 35 more, including Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels.

What we do is we come together for the service where we sing awesome pop songs and then after that we create community.

So there are people who do activities like philosophy club or volunteering in the community. We spend so long connected to our social media that we don’t actually spend that long connected to real people. And so we’re trying to build community and so far we think we are learning how to do that. “

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