What has changed after Germanwings tragedy?

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By Euronews
What has changed after Germanwings tragedy?

This week on Utalk, Anita in London asked: “One year after a Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed his plane, what measures have been taken to strengthen security for passengers and crew?”

Euronews’ aviation analyst, Giovanni Magi, provided the answer: “The first measure taken after the Germanwings disaster has been the widespread adoption of the rule that at any time of the flight there must be at least two people in the cockpit.

“If one of the two pilots gets out of the cockpit, he or she is temporarily replaced by a flight attendant, so if one of the occupants of the cockpit has any problem, the other can take action. This rule was already mandatory in the US and China at the time of the accident, and many airlines around the world had already adopted it – but not Lufthansa, which Germanwings belongs to.

“Other measures have been encouraged by the international agencies of aviation safety with regard to more stringent criteria on medical examinations for pilots. In this case too, the responsibility belongs to national authorities.

“The German Parliament, for example, has developed new legislation on carrying out surprise checks on pilots to ensure that they are not under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol.

“The French aviation authority, BEA, which carried out the investigation into the Germanwings crash, proposed on the 13th of March that the confidential relationship between doctor and patient be suspended – so that an airline is always aware of the actual state of health of their pilot.”

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