Bitter harvest - impact of Russia's EU food ban on Poland

Bitter harvest - impact of Russia's EU food ban on Poland
By Euronews
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In the aftermath of Russia’s decision to ban EU food exports Poland, Europe’s largest apple producer, has been gripped by a fruit-flavoured wave of patriotism.

Across the country people are urged to eat Polish fruit. Newspapers publish apple-based recipes, chefs are creating new apple-inspired dishes and restaurants and cafe owners are give out apples free to customers.

Moscow imposed its ban on European food in August, following the EU’s decision to sanction Russia’s banking, oil and defence sectors over the Kremlin’s alleged actions in Ukraine.

The embargo has left a sour taste that Poles are determined to sweeten with a little home-cooking, and a little humour.

However, for the country’s farmers and fruit growers Russia’s punitive measure is no laughing matter. In this edition of Reporter Hans von der Brelie travels across the country to see how those worst affected are responding.

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