Refugee rage: hostility to displaced Syrians rising in Turkey

Refugee rage: hostility to displaced Syrians rising in Turkey
By Euronews
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In southern Turkey anger is growing against Syrian refugees who have been streaming across the border since their country erupted into bloody civil conflict.

The Turkish government has been in the front line of what has become a major humanitarian crisis. Despite its best efforts, and those of international aid organisations, conditions inside the many refugee camps set up along the border remain extremely harsh.

These Turkish and NGO-run centres do not have sufficient capacity to cope with the vast influx and towns and cities in the region have found themselves hosting the overflow of desperate Syrians.

Almost inevitably, this has led to tensions with local people who, at first, received the refugees in sympathy and understanding.

However, as the numbers have grown so have accusations of criminality activity. As our reporter in the region found out, attitudes have hardened and tensions have risen to boiling point. Watch the video.

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