Free trade or fair game? Europe onto a loser in US trade talks?

Free trade or fair game? Europe onto a loser in US trade talks?
By Euronews
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In this edition of U-talk Laurence from Bordeaux in France asks: “What is this upcoming free trade deal between the European Union and America all about? What’s really in it for us?”

Giving his views for U-talk is Yannick Jadot, a French ecologist and a member of the European Parliament for the Green/Free Alliance group, for whom he is Vice-President of the International Trade Committee.

“What we really need to understand is it’s not negotiating customs duties here, the traditional issues at stake in these sorts of talks; EU-US free trade is already largely a done deal.

“What is going to be talked about is regulations, laws, rules, and standards that effect our daily economic lives, that help us to live and work together. For example they’re looking at health rules, the environment, employment law, hormone use with cattle, chlorine use in poultry farming, and GMOs.

“Public services will be up for negotiation, the rights of investors too, and for all these reasons we are opposed to this Free Trade deal.

“The Green/Free Alliance members of the European Parliament consider, and we can see this in the personal data scandal that’s erupted, that the United States today is trying to steamroller its economic model into Europe.

“The EU’s response is divided and badly organised. As you know the EU has no common economic policy and no common industrial policy. The European Commission takes a lofty or even critical position when European citizens oppose GMOs, or anyone suggests a “cultural exception” in trade talks.

“So we believe that Europe today is in no position to be entering such talks with the Americans, and that we stand to lose more than we gain.”

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