Is the mafia's dirty money being laundered in Romania?

Is the mafia's dirty money being laundered in Romania?
By Euronews
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Using waste to launder dirty money. That’s what Italian prosecutors believe is going on Romania. The money in question is the so-called treasure of one of Sicily’s most powerful mafia bosses, former Palermo mayor Vito Ciancimino. Prosecutors in Italy believe the company running Europe’s largest landfill site, on the outskirts of Bucharest, acts as a front for Massimo Ciancimino, Don Vito’s son. And it is a lucrative business.

Massimo Ciancimino is at the heart of a major investigation by the Italian judiciary, which has so far failed to prove any links between these Romanian companies and the heir of Don Vito’s fortune. Euronews speaks to him and others involved in this case, as we try to get to the bottom of this treasure mystery.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In relation to our Reporter of January 18, 2013, “Is the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania”, we have received and hereby publish the following reaction from ECOREC, the company mentioned in the story. We would like to point out that, contrary to ECOREC’s statement, our journalist did in fact offer the management of ECOREC the opportunity to speak on camera, before filming took place, but ECOREC did not respond to this invitation.

ECOREC S.A., through the Board of Directors represented by Victor Dombrovschi in his capacity as the President of the Board of Directors, informs the following:

With reference to the TV material aired on 18.01.2013 by EURONEWS TV channel as part of the “Special Reporting” heading, and taken over by the website, where you have aired It’s the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania? , ECOREC SA requests the right to reply, together with the full presentation of the company’s release.

ECOREC SA wishes to refer to the assertions that are not in accordance with the truth, which have been presented by EURONEWS TV channel as part of the reporting entitled It’s the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania? dated 18.01.2013, a TV material which was made by the Italian journalist, Michela Monti.

As a reply, for the purpose of providing accurate information of the public opinion, we state as follows:

  • ECOREC S.A. and/or representatives have never met Massimo Cianimino and/or Vito Ciancimino and have never made any business with them or intermediaries;

  • ECOREC S.A. through its representatives performs its activity complying with the applicable law in force;

  • Romanian authorities have investigated the activity of ECOREC S.A. and their representatives and none of the alleged criminal offences have been found;

  • ECOREC S.A. and/or its representative have never been involved in activities such us money laundry, mafia activities or any other criminal activities

  • None of ECOREC’s representatives have never been officially called in front of any Italian authorities to present their point of view towards the alleged criminal offences;

  • The Italian magistrate Silvana Saguto breaches the professional deontology by presenting her point of view during a pending case where she is member of the panel of judges;

  • Upon this moment the Italian Government continues to breach the European legislation regarding precautionary measures by not transposing in to practice the European legislation in this field;

  • Italy is facing since a few years ago with the garbage issue which at this moment became a national problem;

Massimo Ciancimino is the key witness in the Italian famous trial Trattativa Stato – Mafia involving high ranking officials in Italy – 2 former Ministries, 2 former deputies, 3 generals and 1 colonel – and mafia heads from ’70’s – ‘80’s.Our opinion is that, there is a colossal interest to defame and discredit the key witness.
The wish to have something sensational on TV, and also the lack of professionalism of certain journalists who, without documenting and construing subjectively and distortedly certain pieces of information result in the production of materials such as “It’s the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania?” which, at least with regards to ECOREC SA, misinforms the public.

ECOREC SA has been the subject of these mudslingings for several years now, but due to the fact that it knows that these facts are not real and have been released in newspapers only to serve the interests of certain stakeholders, has chosen, up until now, not to begin a dialogue with the press on this subject, as it considered that justice is not made in the press, instead it is solely made in a court, based on evidence. But seeing the intervention of the Italian magistrate Silvana Saguto from the material aired on 18.01.2013 on EURONEWS- It’s the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania?-ECOREC’s Board of Directors, through its representative Mr. Victor Dombrovschi has submitted on 24.01.2013 at DIICOT (The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) an application whereby it requests that the activity conducted by ECOREC SA be investigated for all charges that are being brought in the press, i.e. for storing waste from Italy at Glina, as well as the alleged company links with the Italian mafia, namely Mr. Masimo Ciancimino. To this end, please find enclosed the application submitted at DIICOT and registered under no. 936/24.01.2013.

For these reasons, we request the correction of the information shown to the public because they are not in compliance with the reality and are likely to be detrimental to the prestige of ECOREC SA and its employees.

by the President of Board of Directors
Victor Dombrovschi

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