These stunning vegan cakes are made with ingredients foraged from nature

These vegan cakes reflect the aesthetic of Yorkshire's valleys.
These vegan cakes reflect the aesthetic of Yorkshire's valleys. Copyright Thyme for Tiffin
By Marthe de Ferrer
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Hyper-realistic cakes are all the rage on Twitter, but have you ever eaten a cake as in-touch with nature as these?


The latest Twitter obsession is hyper-realistic cakes disguised as ordinary objects. From aubergines to human hands, people are questioning how, where and when these incredible optical illusions will strike next.

The natural world isn’t exempt from this growing cake conspiracy, but have you ever seen baking as in-touch with nature as this? 

Swipe below to see some of the bakes:

These baked goods may not be trying to trick anyone, but they do beautifully mirror the natural world. Made by Roze from Thyme for Tiffin, these stunning cakes are inspired by her home in Yorkshire, UK.

“It’s always a blessing to have space in which our creative souls can fly,” she explains. “I moved to the Calder Valley three years ago and immediately the wide open skies and rolling moors inspired me.”

Thyme for Tiffin
Roze draws aesthetic inspiration from the Calder Valley.Thyme for Tiffin

Despite the intricacy of the decorations, Roze says she never preplans her designs. Instead, she prefers to offer her customers colour preferences, before then “finding the state of flow”.

“That’s when I believe true art is made, without boundaries, and that is why each one of my cakes is unique.”

A vegetarian herself, Roze’s dishes are all entirely vegan - so they don’t just reflect the natural world, they also help protect it.

“All the cakes I make are vegan, this is simply because I believe they are better that way,” she explains. “I spent years perfecting my recipe and the results speak for themselves. I have surprised and converted countless non-vegans, many going as far as to say ‘they are the best cakes they have ever tasted!’”

Thyme for Tiffin
A vulva-inspired cake, for International Women's Day.Thyme for Tiffin

Foraging for wildflowers

But it’s not just the aesthetic which is driven by Yorkshire’s countryside though, Roze draws inspiration for her flavours from nature too.

“I have two dogs and so you will usually find me in the woods, the seasons flow around us and flavours bud, blossom and berry in our path,” says Roze. “I love to combine flavours, especially herbs and flowers blending them in culinary alchemy, making tastes that are more than their parts, the possibilities are endless and that's just wonderful.”

Thyme for Tiffin
A wedding cake design by Roze.Thyme for Tiffin

This is reflected in her ingredient choices, as she often forages key items for the cakes as well.

“I have always had an absolute love affair with foraging and using edible flowers in my baking,” explains Roze, “from a young age I would infuse wild flowers to make perfumes for my family, not much has changed, foraging for wild food will always be an incredibly special thing for me.

“As you walk through the woods you reconnect with nature in a way many of us have forgotten, your senses heightened as you search, always on the lookout. It’s such a basic human activity, something from the dawn of time, I find it incredibly magical.

“I believe when you serve someone a dish that includes foraged foods and looks like a walk in the woods this magic is passed on, people get excited and that's what it's all about for me,” she adds.

Thyme for Tiffin
The Yorkshire valleys around Roze inspire not only the designs, but also the flavours.Thyme for Tiffin

A focus on sustainable produce

Away from cakes, Roze also offers catering services, where sustainability and environmentalism are at the heart of her work.

“Creating food holistically with the land and environment at heart, alongside others who feel the same is a joy,” she says. “When catering events I include as many other local producers as I can, sourcing local artisan breads, cheeses and of course locally grown organic vegetables.”

Thyme for Tiffin
All Roze's cakes are plant-based, using a recipe she's perfected for vegans and non-vegans alike.Thyme for Tiffin

For Roze, it’s vital that we know where our food originates. This is particularly relevant right now as doctors have highlighted the importance of reducing our meat consumption to prevent another pandemic. With people more concerned about their health and impact on the planet than ever, there is a growing emphasis on locally-sourced, organic produce.

“At this time when we are all re-evaluating our work lives, supporting local producers is essential,” Roze says, “really knowing where what we eat comes from should be a priority for us all right? After all, it’s what keeps us alive our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food, so I strive to make each mouthful the best it possibly can be.”

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