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Wine adopts augmented reality in fightback against ‘boring’ perception

Wine adopts augmented reality in fightback against ‘boring’ perception
By Rachel Graham
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Artificial intelligence is set to stop young people thinking wine is 'pompous'.


More than 500 wineries are planning to adopt augmented reality on their labelling in a bid to entice millennial customers.

Young consumers currently in their 20s and 30s have abandoned wine in their droves, labelling it “pompous” and “boring”, according to makers of the Winerytale augmented reality app.

In a bid to counteract that, a throng 524 of brands from as far afield as France, South Africa, Australia, the US, Croatia, Lebanon and Mexico are set to adopt the tech, which makes all their labels compatible with the app.

They’re hoping the move will make wines more appealing to young consumers, and stave off competition from up-and-coming categories like craft beers, gin and cider.

Artificial intelligence

The brands will be able to have their labels come to life through the Winerytale app.Through the screens of their smartphones, users will see information popping up around them, atop their current surroundings.

An artificial intelligence scan of the wine label with the phone's camera will allow potential customers to browse the brand’s backstory, sustainability credentials and serving suggestions before purchase. Some have gone as far as to include winery tour videos, wine tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and a list of nearby stockists.

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"Current world consumers – millennial or not – live their lives through their phones and being able to give them the information they need, in a way they want, influencing the choices they make and harnessing that purchasing power is a no brainer," said app creator and Winerytale founder Dave Chaffey.

He integrated a ‘fanwall’ into the app, so Instagram-savvy consumers can take a peek at images of other fans enjoying the wine they’re researching.

The artificial intelligence will be able to show exactly where the wine you're holding came fromWinerytale

Winerytale will also be rolling out location-based services in 2020, when the app will be able to translate information on wine bottles for customers on their travels.

"I don't believe anything like this has been done to this level before – bringing together artificial intelligence, augmented reality, clever technology, 500 different wineries with different visuals and branding, as well as different languages," Chaffey added.

"This platform is purpose-built for mass adoption and accessibility to any winery wanting to take advantage of a brand marketing and sales future that will undeniably involve augmented reality."

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