I went for a seaweed massage at 5-star British hotel, Coworth Park

Coworth Park
Coworth Park
By Maeve Campbell
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Here's what happened when I tried out the new Ishga treatment at Coworth Park spa and what it felt like to be exfoliated by natural seaweed.


Just a short train ride away from London, I discovered a peaceful sanctuary tucked away in the leafy county of Berkshire. The majestic, white house of Coworth Park beckoned as the car drove through the gate and into the grounds, showing off the very best of British countryside. I had high hopes for my spa day, as a city dweller I was simply glad to be escaping the noise and spend a day cut off from the world of work and responsibility.

After a peek around the hotel’s grand interiors, I was met with a golf buggy set to escort me to the exterior spa building along a winding garden path. If you’ve ever treated yourself to a spa day, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of first entering the premises, greeted with scented candles and unusually serene members of staff. Coworth Park certainly met my expectations. We were warmly welcomed and soon felt at home in the plush dressing gowns and slippers, padding between the pool and the relaxation room in a meditative stupor.

Lounging around on comfy deck chairs and taking regular dips in the pool occupied us all morning, as we felt our minds start to slow down and our bodies unwind in the tranquil setting. We were able to swim to our heart’s content, as we happened to be some of very few guests that day, which was wonderful. Before long, our therapists summoned us in for the highlight of the Ishga Organic Spa Day, the Ishga massage.

What is Ishga, do I hear you ask? I soon found out. Ishga is a skincare range made from seaweed, hailing from Scotland’s far-flung Hebridean Islands, on the beautiful isle of Lewis to be exact. The seaweed extract is rich in minerals and the massage blended organic ingredients and essential oils into the treatment, making my skin smell magnificent for hours afterwards. My therapist informed me of the desired effect of the treatment, to rejuvenate and energise, while also preserving the skin’s natural collagen. On my part, the massage felt restorative and deeply nourishing - I could practically feel the seaweed extract exfoliating my skin.

Coworth Park
Treatment room, Coworth ParkCoworth Park

I felt the benefits almost instantly. The rich texture of the Ishga extract had cleared my skin's congestion, leaving it softer and more hydrated than when I’d walked in. Seaweed is one of the world’s most naturally abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

What’s more, Ishga has an exclusive licence to harvest seaweed and works in conjunction with Scottish Natural Heritage and SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency), so it ensures the harvest is sustainable and environmentally friendly. I was glad to have experienced my first seaweed based treatment deriving from such sustainable sources.

Euronews Living / Coworth Park
Lounging in the SpatisserieEuronews Living / Coworth Park

Topping off my day at Coworth Park, we indulged in a late lunch at the Spatisserie, indulging in the organic, vegan selection. Celery, apple, cucumber and mint juice arrived alongside a plate of sugar snap peas and glass noodle salad with fermented cabbage and sesame, before a main of grilled mushrooms, raw cauliflower and olives.

I left feeling more pampered than I’ve felt in a while, healthier inside and out, and reluctant to leave the idyllic surroundings of Coworth Park.

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