Seven things you didn't know you could rent on subscription

Seven things you didn't know you could rent on subscription
By Rachel Graham
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Generation rent extends further than the housing market. Owning is out as young people attempt to ditch waste.


A swarm of clothes subscription rental services have burst onto the scene in recent months. From Urban Outfitters’ Nuuly to Our Closet, brands have dedicated themselves to ensuring fashion pieces are enjoyed more than once.

In such a waste-conscious era it’s a model that’s taking off in other industries are aiming to replicate, while making their services available to customers who may not otherwise have been able to afford them.

Generation rent has officially kicked ownership to the curb in the fight against wasteful consumerism and embraced renting what they need, rather than possessing.

We had no idea these subscription rental services existed



Kids are notoriously fickle, with few of their toys standing the test of time. Whirli provides a sharing economy for children aged 0-7 years, ensuring a rotation of new toys to keep them occupied including favourites like Playmobil and Minecraft.

Meanwhile, Whirli says its model means your house will remain clutter-free. Each time you return a toy, you’ll receive a new one, while giving another child the opportunity to have fun with the returned goodies. If your little one gets attached, Whirli allows them to keep the toy for nine months before it becomes theirs forever.

Starts at: £10/month

Sonos Flex

These super upmarket sound systems are out of reach for many.

But Sonos is offering speakers to a handful of Dutch homes on a trial basis, with the potential to go global if it’s successful. The service allows you to try out its state-of-the-art equipment on a monthly basis for a fraction of what you’d pay if you bought it outright.

Starts at: €15/month

London Christmas Tree Rental

This company offers Londoners the chance to bring the same tree back into their homes year after year. Young firs in pots are delivered around the UK capital, and then taken away and replanted to continue their growth. When they're too big for the average living room, they are sent for planting in a more permanent home.

Starts at: £20

Go Meep

Electric scooters are all the rage right now, providing a convenient way to get around the city on two wheels without working up a sweat.

Gomeep, available in Barcelona, says its monthly scooter rental service is cheaper than public transport. You can rent one of its scooters on a monthly basis, while breakdown support is just a Whatsapp message away.  

Starts at: €39.99/month


The influence of Instagram has made it unfashionable to be seen wearing the same outfit twice. The same goes for watches, even the high end one. Which is why Montlux allows its customers to switch it up between items in its collection including Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches worth £1m.

This exclusive service is available by member referral or application only.

Starts at: £150/month

Roomservice by CORT

The rental economy has made it possible to rent high-end furniture on a short term basis, and not just for staging show homes. Roomservice says those moving into unfurnished, short-term lets often use its service.


Starts at: £33/month


Electric car rental service Evezy claims to offer all the benefits of car ownership with none of the hassle. Its minimum month-long contracts include insurance and breakdown cover, while allowing you to change or upgrade your choice of wheels at any point from a range of pick up locations around the UK.

It offers a range of Teslas, as well as Nissan, BMW and Hyundai and Renault cars are available with ranges of up to 348 miles between charges.

Starts at: £289/month

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