Could A.I. be the next Rembrandt?

Could A.I. be the next Rembrandt?
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By Euronews

A collective of Paris artist-entrepreneurs uses artificial intelligence to create fine art.

"Can a machine be creative?" That is the question being posed by Paris-based artist-entrepreneurs called Obvious. To see the answer, they are using artificial intelligence to create fine art which they hope will one day hang alongside Renaissance portraits in prestigious galleries.

"We are artists with a different type of paintbrush. Our paintbrush is an algorithm developed on a computer," said Hugo Caselles-Dupre, a computer engineer who co-founded the group with his childhood friends Gauthier Vernier and Pierre Fautrel.

However, calling these portraits 'art' has caused controversy, yet the group is already working on the next phase where they would create sculptures or traditional Japanese art.

Click on the video above to see the fine art being created by artificial intelligence.

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