The summer of Jessica Clements

The summer of Jessica Clements
By Euronews
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We caught up with multi-skilled influencer and Chanel beauty muse to discuss summer beauty tips and eco-couscious lifestyle.


You may know Massachusetts-native Jessica Clements from Youtube where more than 800K viewers follow her modeling journey, New York City lifestyle and travels around the world. Or you may have caught her big blue eyes and tall figure adorning the Ralph Lauren, Gap Co and Chanel beauty campaigns. Jessica Clements has been modelling since she was 18 and is currently signed with Models 1. Besides her social media and modelling careers, she started two companies, a personal investment company with a focus on digital technology platforms and co-founded ANDO/clements with Max Hirsh, a consulting agency with verticals in Fashion, Advertising, and Digital Brand Development. We caught up with the mutli-skilled influencer and Chanel muse to discuss summer beauty tips and eco-couscious lifestyle.

Q. What's your ideal summer destination for 2018?

I have been dying to go to Italy. I just found out one of my ancestors is a renowned sculptor with pieces throughout Italy, so I’ve really been wanting to explore that part of my heritage. I’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the parks in London and NYC, but I’m always a huge fan of a lake and a nice fire pit somewhere rural.

Q. How do you take care of your skin and hair during summertime?

When it comes to my skin and hair in the summer I have one word for you, protection. One of my favorite sunscreen brands is CoTz, they have a beautiful almost mousse textured sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin like a lot of sunscreens can. As for hair I like to use a UV spray, like Bumble and Bumble's Hairdresser's invisible oil primer, to help protect from sun damage. My go-to look is dewy skin, rosy cheeks, and fluffy brows.

Living it Top Picks:

CoTz, silky foam tinted SPF 30; Bumble and Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, Avene Very High Protection Fluid SPF50+, Vapour Aura multi use stain (sultry), Origins Refreshing Scrub Cleanser,

Q. What are you going to pack in your suitcase this season?

My kindle. I travel a lot which can end up being stressful with delays and missed flights, so it’s nice to be able to escape into a book. Swimwear wise, I just came back from a Holiday with Zimmermann, and I have to say they have always been one of my favorites for one-of-a-kind resort wear and swim. I also love Bamba Swim, because their fit is very flattering for someone who is not so curvy.

Q. Three songs on your beach playlist.

Wait a Minute - Willow

Algo - Omar Apollo

Daughter of a Cop - Tv Girl

Q. How do you live a more eco-conscious life this summer?

A lot of places I’ve been travelling to have either banned plastic bags or you have to pay extra for a bag. It’s inspired me to always carry a thin canvas tote with me everywhere to try to cut down on plastic.

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