Meet Male Model Manu Bora

Meet Male Model Manu Bora
By Patricia Tavares
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A chat with Manu Bora which transported us back to his family and spiritual home, India.


In the short period since he decided to take up modelling, Manu Bora has seen his career skyrocket, with countless campaigns, editorials and fashion shows now under his belt. His portfolio includes the covers of Vogue India and Wallpaper Magazine as well as pages in high-profile publications such as GQ. Manu Bora is a busy guy and he looks set to become even busier. This doctor-turned-model has become one of the most in-demand faces in the industry. The learning curve may be sharp, but he has the game figured out. Manu’s fashion journey takes him around the globe: from New Delhi to Paris, Paris to Milan, From Milan to New York and onwards to the rest of the world. Widely considered one of fashion’s most enigmatic faces, Manu has captivated photographers with his powerful presence in front of the camera. And he’s taking it all in his stride. We had a chat which transported us back to his family and spiritual home, India. Manu spoke about changing countries, moving to new cities, early mornings, chasing new dreams, taking “luck” into his own hands and managing his life. It’s a life of schedules, acceptance and rejection. He tries to carve out time to exercise both body and mind, to focus on what he can control and to remain as balanced as possible.

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What was the last thing you googled?

“Furniture. I am coming up with my furniture line, as Jodhpur is the furniture hub of India but almost all the premium products like antique and live edge are being exported to Europe and the USA. The thought behind the line is that I realized that the furniture which is being sold in the domestic industry was of an inferior quality and our idea was to offer / spread this high quality also within the country. The roots of this line, CASA JODHPUR, are the artisans who have been in this business from generations. We realize that their next generations didn’t want to continue their heritage as their art was not recognized and moreover getting exploited. It´s our small step also to boost these carpenters and their families so their art and heritage can be restored.”

If I could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?
“Narendra Modi, our prime minister. He is doing a very remarkable work in India and highly inspiring.”

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How do you handle stressful situations?
“If there is a stress, either I can work to omit the root cause of stress or sometimes we can’t do anything about it. So in both the cases there is no point of worrying. I just breathe and don’t get worried, stay calm and think how to solve the problem.”

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What are guilty pleasures food wise?
“Chocolates… And specially I love “dairy milk” – a chocolate brand.”

What is the ultimate luxury according to you?

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Pictures: Courtesy of Manu Bora

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