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Rammstein's Till Lindeman denies accusations as lawyers threaten to pursue legal action

Till Lindemann's lawyers say they will pursue legal action to accusations of sexual misconduct by the Rammstein frontman
Till Lindemann's lawyers say they will pursue legal action to accusations of sexual misconduct by the Rammstein frontman Copyright Christophe Gateau / AFP
Copyright Christophe Gateau / AFP
By David Mouriquand
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Till Lindemann's lawyers have stated that they will pursue legal action in response to all accusations of sexual misconduct levelled against the Rammstein frontman.


Till Lindemann, the lead singer of the German rock band Rammstein, has firmly denied allegations of sexual abuse made against him by multiple women.

The law firm representing the rocker posted a message on social media. "Our client has been subjected to serious accusations by several women on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube," stated Berlin lawyers Simon Bergmann and Christian Schertz.

“It was repeatedly claimed that women were drugged with the help of knockout drops or alcohol at Rammstein concerts in order to enable our client to perform sexual acts on them. These allegations are without exception false."

The lawyers further asserted that they would take legal action against anyone making statements that accuse Lindemann, 60, of drugging and engaging in non-consensual sexual acts with the alleged victims.

"We will immediately pursue legal action in response to all such accusations," they noted.

Shelby Lynn, a 24-year-old Irish fan, accused Lindemann of drugging and sexually assaulting her after a concert in Lithuania. Subsequently, other women came forward with similar allegations against Lindemann and alleging a systematic process of luring young female fans to backstage parties in order to satisfy Lindemann's sexual demands.

Earlier this week, Rammstein released a statement on Instagram in response to accusations of sexual assault and abuse of power against Till Lindemann. In the statement, the band urged fans not to "prejudge" in the wake of media reports.

"The publications of the last few days have caused irritation and questions among the public and especially among our fans," said the post. "The accusations have hit us all very hard and we take them extremely seriously. To our fans we say: It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at our shows - in front of and behind the stage. We condemn any kind of assault and ask you: Do not participate in prejudgments of any kind toward those who have made accusations. They have a right to their point of view. But we, the band, also have a right not to be prejudged either."

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In response to the allegations, the German government has called for measures to protect female concertgoers, with Germany's families minister Lisa Paus calling for better protection for fans at concerts.

Anne Hübner, chairwoman of SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) Munich, stated that “so far, there are no criminal investigations against Rammstein.”

“Basically, there is nothing so concrete that you would say you have a legal reason to cancel these concerts,” added Hübner.

The chairwoman’s comments were echoed by Katrin Habenschaden (The Greens), Second mayor of Munich: “Currently, there is no legal basis for a cancellation. And that's why we have thought about how we can preventively make such major events safer for everyone.”

Rammstein’s upcoming tour dates including their final night at Munich’s Olympiapark on Saturday 10 June, as well as dates in Slovakia (14 June), Switzerland (17-18 June) and several July dates, including Netherlands (6), Germany (15-16), France (22), Austria (26-27) and Poland (30-31).

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