Why MDLBEAST Soundstorm is the Middle East's biggest music festival

Why MDLBEAST Soundstorm is the Middle East's biggest music festival
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By Jane Witherspoon

Some of the biggest names in the music industry performed at the recent MDLBEAST Soundstorm festival. 

Tiesto, Marshmello, Post Malone, Bruno Mars and David Guetta were among the acts that entertained the 700,000-strong crowd in Riyadh. 

One of the big draws was DJ Khaled who told Euronews, “it brings unity, positivity, love that brings us all together. Music you know what I’m saying. Everybody's just all love."

An equal role for male and female artists

Female representation was high on the agenda for MDLBEAST Soundstorm organizers. 

Nada Al Halabi, MDLBEAST Strategy Director said: "I really make sure that we have diversity in our events, whether in the lineup, whether in our attendees. We always make sure that our experience is catered to the females as well. Maybe I'm one of the few people who are into this position, but I'm hoping more to have more females in the space."

It is a sentiment echoed by Saudi DJ, Kayan who added: "Music is for everybody. So I think males and females play an equal role. And for us as Saudi females, to be given the opportunity to express the beauty of the arts and music that we can share with the world this is something so important and we're very happy to be given this opportunity. "

Riyadh's loudest week

The festival site spans more than five and a half million square metres with park life areas for food outlets and street performers keeping festival goers entertained between sets at what's been dubbed ‘the loudest week in Riyadh’. 

And there's a lot of noise already about how it's going to expand in future editions.