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Plain pink heart, ‘shaking face’ and Wi-Fi symbol among new emojis up for approval

Emojipedia's draft list of new emoji up for approval.
Emojipedia's draft list of new emoji up for approval. Copyright Emojipedia
Copyright Emojipedia
By Nicole Lin Chang
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Other emoji on the draft list include a pale blue heart and a grey heart, the “stop” (or “high five”) hand gesture, a flute, maracas and a hair pick.


New emojis including a shaking head, the symbol for Wi-Fi and a long-awaited plain pink heart are set to hit smartphones soon.

Emoji reference website Emojipedia has revealed its Emoji 15.0 draft list, featuring sample images visualising how these new emojis may look.

The new line-up, which features 31 emoji in total, also includes a pale blue heart and a grey heart, various “stop” (or “high five”) hand gestures, a flute, maracas and a hair pick. More animals and plants are also on the list, including a moose, a donkey, a goose, jellyfish and ginger.

While emoji designs vary per platform, Emojipedia has provided sample emoji designs ahead of their official arrival on emoji keyboards for eight years.

Scheduled for release in September, any draft emoji candidate that is approved for final release will come to major platforms from late 2022 into 2023, says Emojipedia.

Each emoji is subject to change prior to final approval by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit body that sets the standard for how text is displayed and represented online.

“However, it is worth noting the majority of draft emoji candidates have ended up included on the final list over the last number of years - including every emoji we previewed from last year's Emoji 14.0 draft list ahead of World Emoji Day 2021,” said Emojipedia.

Netizens may be particularly happy with the inclusion of a pink heart emoji in this year’s draft list.

There’s currently a red heart, a purple heart and an orange heart emoji among many other colours, but a pink heart has long been among the most-requested emoji from users. There are currently various adorned heart emojis, such as the sparkling heart emoji and the growing heart emoji, which are commonly depicted in pink - but no plain pink heart to match the other standalone heart emojis.

This now looks set to be included in the next Unicode release, which will likely be approved in September this year.

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