112-year-old Venezuelan named 'world's oldest man'

His family say he is in "perfect health."
His family say he is in "perfect health." Copyright Guinness World Records
Copyright Guinness World Records
By Joshua Askew
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Juan Vincente Mora is the world's oldest man at 112. He has 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren.


A Venezuelan man has been recorded by the Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living man. 

As of 17 May 2022, Juan Vincente Mora is a record-breaking 112 years and 355 days old, with his 113th birthday fast approaching. 

Born in the small town of El Cobre on 27 May in 1909, Mora says his secret to living a long life is "the love of God, the love of family and that we must get up early to work." He also starts every day with a cup of coffee and spends meal times with his family. 

Mora is a devout Catholic and believes that friends and family are his greatest life companions. He has 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren. 

After meeting at a weekly Catholic mass, Mora married Ediofina del Rosario García in 1937. They had eleven children over their 60-year partnership. 

One of the toughest moments of his life, Mora says, was when Ediofina passed away in 1997. He has spent the last two decades without her. 

Throughout his life, Mora witnessed the invention of many staples of the modern world, including television and the internet, when he was 51 years old, he had his photograph taken for the first time - it was in black and white. 

Guinness World Records
Mora is just 10 days away from his 113th birthday.Guinness World Records

Mora comes from a long line of arable farmers who grew sugar cane and coffee. He started working the fields with his dad and brother at the age of five. 

Mora's farming career was long and successful, he sold his last piece of land at the age of 104 - some 99 years after he started working to help his family. 

From the age of 34, he also worked as a sheriff, solving disputes between people in the local community. 

In 2019, Mora celebrated his 110th birthday, becoming the first male supercentenarian from Venezuela. There are currently 1,500 supercentenarians alive in the world today. 

Mora received the record-breaking title after Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia passed away on January 18h, 2022 at 112 years and 341 days. He was born in Spain in 1909. 

The oldest person to have ever lived was Frenchwoman Jeanne Louise Calment who lived for 122 years and 164 days.

Calment, who smoked until she was 117 and ate large amounts of chocolate every week, was born 21 February 1875 and died 4 August 1997.

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