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This is what the future could really look like

"You and AI" exhibition
"You and AI" exhibition   -   Copyright  euronews
By Euronews

“You and AI” is an exhibition that explores artificial intelligence not as some future potentiality but as a present-day reality.

The show, in Athens and organised by the Onassis Foundation, consists of 25 works that examine three topics:  How we view artificial intelligence, how it views us and how it is key to shaping public spaces, political processes, and even democracy.

"Algorithms are quite an abstract term actually and quite invisible as well. But actually, we do use them in our everyday lives," said the curator of the exhibition, Irini Mirena Papadimitriou.

"The aim of this project is not to present a dystopian or a utopian view of algorithmic systems and artificial intelligence, but actually help us realize how much they invade our personal and public life."

Large-scale HD screens, 3D sculptures, and installations are being used in the exhibition, which claims to be one of the most technically challenging shows ever held in Greece.

"We are here [...] to see how we have let algorithms conquer our life and how, in the end, these algorithms sometimes, or unfortunately many times, decide for us," said Afroditi Panagiotakou, director of culture at the Onassis Foundation.

"They have come and they have invaded in our life. They have come and put serious questions to our democracy. On the other hand, they record the beauty of our universe. They may become our own tool to assert our democracy, to get back our freedom."

The "You and AI" exhibit runs until July 18.