Cartoon fun at London Fashion Week

Bugs Bunny inspired creation from Bobby Abley
Bugs Bunny inspired creation from Bobby Abley
By Euronews

London Fashion Week Men's came to a close on a light note with the latest collection from British designer Bobby Abley. In the fall/winter range models strutted their stuff on the catwalk wearing bright colors and cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Road Runner and Tweety Pie.

British designer Bobby Abley struck a light note with his cartoon-inspired menswear at London Fashion Week.

Bugs Bunny, Tweety Pie and Road Runner all made an appearance in the high energy streetwear collection from the designer, who launched his label in 2012.

From colour to black-and-white as Korean fashion designer Kang Dong Jun showcased a monochrome selection of streetwear infused with traditional Korean silhouettes and Western tailoring for his D.GNAK label.

His show featured loose fitting and martial-arts inspired outfits alongside designs heavily influenced by Korean styles, with skull and crossbones motifs on various pieces.

"I'm very new to this very international fashion market,' said the designer. "I wanted to see more Korean styles come to London Fashion Week and make more opportunities in this big fashion market."

Kang’s vision for his label is popular avant-garde that stands at the intersection of the underground and the mainstream without compromise in quality or cut.

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