Hollywood in crisis over Weinstein allegations

Hollywood in crisis over Weinstein allegations
By Euronews

Hollywood is in a crisis after powerful mogul Harvey Weinstein was disgraced and fired from the company he co-founded over allegations of sexual harassement. The allegations portray a dark underbelly of the movie business.

“In terms of the community and the culture in Hollywood, this is a gigantic wake up call to a lot of people, I think,” said Matthew Belloni, Editorial Director of The Hollywood Reporter. “And it’s a sign that the culture is moving to a place where you can’t get away with this.”

Meryl Streep and Judi Dench have lashed out at Weinstein but said they were unaware of his alleged sexual harassment of women. They joined stars, like Jessica Chastain and Julianne Moore, who have denounced him in interviews and on social media.

Mark Ruffalo is one of the few male actors to condemn Weinstein’s alleged behaviour.

“I’ve known Harvey for years. But, that shit can’t stand and we have to call it out and even if it’s in our own community,” he said. “Tribalism in America is totally destructive so it’s wrong whether it’s a president, it’s wrong whether it’s Harvey Weinstein, it’s wrong whoever is doing this shit and we have to stand up for it and stand behind the women.”

Fashion designer Donna Karan is one of the first people to publicly defend Weinstein since the allegations came to light. She said women must consider if the way they dress suggests they are ‘asking for it’.

Actor Jeff Bridges has also gone on the record over the allegations.

“ I wish him the best struggling with his demons, but his behavior was terrible,” he said. “And I wish him – just as being a fellow human being – we are all struggling with different things.”

Weinstein is the latest U.S. media or entertainment industry titan to face sexual harassment accusations. At Fox News, late Chief Executive Officer Roger Ailes was forced out in 2016 and
anchor Bill O’Reilly resigned in April after similar claims.