Keziah Jones and Gary Dourdan Live on Euronews

Keziah Jones and Gary Dourdan Live on Euronews
By Euronews

Keziah Jones and Gary Dourdan in a private live show in Lyon, France

We present exclusively the broadcast of the concert of Gary Dourdan, D.Lee and Keziah Jones at the Mobhotel Lyon Confluences.

Keziah Jones, Gary Dourdan and DLee for an unique jam session:

Gary Dourdan et DLee live on Euronews Facebook:

Actor, musician and singer, Gary Dourdan has more than one string to his bow. It was the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) series that made it known worldwide but music has always been his passion, having grown up in a family of musicians. He plays several instruments and organises concerts with friends or, like tonight, plays for a special event.

Together with actor/singer Gary Dourdan as Sugar Free the Band, DLee has toured the US, the West Indies, France, Morocco and Dubai, including a number of charity performances. His exposure to the world of music was intense, from Gospel and high school jazz band, to a home life filled with musical culture, influenced by such greats as Otis Redding, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield.

Keziah Jones is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and guitarist, and became known worldwide with his planetary tube Rythm is Love in the early 90s. Great admirer of his compatriot Fela Kuti, he blends the blues and funk to give a unique style which he describes as “Blufunk”.

Click here to see Keziah Jones in concert in Lyon.

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