Architecture celebrated at the Venice Biennale

Architecture celebrated at the Venice Biennale
By Christopher Cummins  with AGENCIES

‘Reporting From The Front’ is the title of the Venice Biennale.
It is fitting that a city famed for its architecture celebrates architecture.
The Australian contribution features ‘The Pool’ and the many roles it represents fear, joy, division, competition, memory, fun and relaxation.

Anne Bordeleau
is the Director of School of Architecture, University of Waterloo:
“This is maybe one of the darkest moments in our history. It’s a message also not just about ‘let’s remember this past’ as past ,but also ‘let’s take responsibility of this past’ because this is the range of what we are able to do as human beings, and if we don’t , we are not aware of that then I think we fail to actually in some ways avoid it in the future.”
Venice Architecture Biennale runs until November 27, 2016.