Fassbender wows Edinburgh crowd for Macbeth premiere

Fassbender wows Edinburgh crowd for Macbeth premiere
By Euronews

A Scottish premiere for the Scottish play. Actor Michael Fassbender took to the red carpet in Edinburgh to promote his latest film Macbeth.

The German-Irish star has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the tortured man who would be king.

Set in 11th century Scotland and using Shakespeare’s original dialogue, the film follows the story of Macbeth whose ambitious wife, played by Marion Cotillard, urges him to kill to in her pursuit of power.

Principal photography took place in Scotland and England, and despite its reputation for inclement weather the Isle of Skye needed some help from Hollywood to create the film’s misty landscapes.

Fassbender explained that he approached the tragic lead role by imagining him as a man suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It was something that I really wanted to do, I mean, for me the most important thing for me I this film was to get, hopefully, 15/16 year olds to go and see it. Maybe it’s on their curriculum. When you read sort of Shakespeare on the page maybe it’s sort of foreboding and it might be a little bit of a mental block there and hopefully this version will engage teenagers.”

Director Justin Kurzel explains the appeal of the original play.

“I think Macbeth is a blockbuster, I think every four hours a production is done around the world. As a play it’s a very loved piece. Shakespeare was doing this world before Game of Thrones. It was really exciting to bring the words to screen, but also bring the landscapes to screen.”

Featuring stunning visuals, and already creating Oscar chatter, Macbeth is out in the UK from October 2nd.