e-Twinning: social network for european teachers

e-Twinning: social network for european teachers
By Euronews
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Teachers – especially young ones – are certainly not a privileged category these days. Like many others throughout Europe, teachers are suffering from austerity measures: job cuts, crowded classes, scarce resources.

The EU, however, offers the opportunity for future teachers who wish to experience a new country, language and culture (see our Generation Y story on teaching assistants).

The problem is many people do not even know about such programmes. Had you heard about the Comenius scheme before? Are you familiar with the eTwinning platform, that works much like a social network, with almost infinite possibilities?

We discussed this in a virtual panel involving teachers. What emerged was quite amazing. How can dozens of schools get together and organise the equivalent of the Eurovision song contest, with hardly a eurocent? Where do they find the means to create a project that makes primary school pupils get excited about maths?

Find out about this and much more by watching our chat on Comenius and eTwinning.

School Exchanges – eTwinning

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