Ukraine’s military: defending troops still holding Bakhmut despite bloody battles

Sasha Vakulina, Euronews Correspondent
Sasha Vakulina, Euronews Correspondent   -  Copyright  from Euronews video
By Euronews

Ukraine’s announcement follows Russian claims that assault units from the Wagner group have captured two neighbourhoods in the embattled city.

Ukrainian and Russian armed forces are fighting extraordinarily bloody battles in the ruined eastern city of Bakhmut, but Ukrainian forces are still holding on, according to Kyiv's military.

It has reported hundreds of attacks daily on the eastern front line while the mercenary Wagner group claims to have made incremental gains in the fiercely-contested city.

Both militaries are waging a street-by-street battle for the city's control, Ukrainian Armed Forces' Serhii Cherevatyi said.

He added that Moscow’s troops launched an assault this weekend on the town of Khromove, which lies along Bakhmut’s main supply route from Chasiv Yar to the west.

Euronews' correspondent****Sasha Vakulina breaks down the fighting in the video above.

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