We ‘couldn’t find gas’ yesterday: Odesa deals with petrol shortage

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By Anelise Borges
It took some people days to refill their car with petrol in Odesa.
It took some people days to refill their car with petrol in Odesa.   -   Copyright  Euronews

In the Ukrainian port city of Odesa, traffic lines of cars filled with drivers desperately searching for petrol are becoming increasingly common.

Residents of the city told Euronews that sometimes they have to spend days looking for petrol.

“Out of the five gas stations I went to today, only this one has petrol. We paid online for a certain volume and then came here to fill up", said Galina while waiting to fill her car.

“Because we need to work, I sometimes have to wake up at 5 a.m. and look for a petrol station,” said Vyacheslav, who was in the same line.

The Ukrainian government says it is working to fix the problem by establishing new supply lines by the end of May.

"We went to petrol stations all day yesterday and couldn’t find gas. Today my friends told me that there was fuel. Life is hard. We don’t have work, rockets fall… we are on pins and needles because we don’t know where they will hit," said Alec, a taxi driver still trying to work in the city. 

"That’s the situation in our country. What can I do? It’s not our fault. It’s not their [government’s fault]. That’s why I think we have to be understanding,” said another resident.

Despite this mounting challenge, many people said they understand these are exceptional circumstances and are ready to do everything to help support their country.