Mariupol residents bury neighbours in makeshift graves

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By Louise Miner  with AP
Mariupol residents bury neighbours in makeshift graves
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Mariupol was home to some 400,000 people before the war but now just around 150,000 remain in the destroyed city.

Dead bodies remain in the street for days. Locals have been burying them, themselves, in makeshift graves, where they can.

It's a distressing way to live for those still trying to stay. Oleksandr lives in Mariupol and said there's no assistance.

"Nobody helped, apartments were burning, we asked for help to put out the fire and no one did it. Our neighbours died on our watch. There is no water, food, nothing."

It's likely Russia will continue with its heavy firepower rather than lose more of its own troops in urban infantry operations.

However, France, Turkey, and Greece say they want to open humanitarian corridors in the coming days for those who want to leave, according to French President Emmanuel Macron.