US election: Tension mounts as presidential campaign enters final days

President Donald Trump dances as he walks off stage after speaking during a campaign rally in Washington, Michigan.
President Donald Trump dances as he walks off stage after speaking during a campaign rally in Washington, Michigan. Copyright Evan Vucci/AP Photo
Copyright Evan Vucci/AP Photo
By Lauren Chadwick
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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are making a last ditch effort in swing states with just two days until the presidential election.


US President Donald Trump is holding rallies in key swing states he is hoping to win this week as the country holds its much-anticipated presidential elections.

Trump joked about the cold on Sunday as he attacked his rival Democrat Joe Biden at a rally in Michigan, a state he claims he will win at the election despite polls showing him behind by 8 points.

"I don't think [Biden] knows he's losing. I don't think he knows anything actually," Trump said at the rally.

The US president spent the rally criticising his opponent while touting his economy and judge appointments. 

"We are creating the world's greatest economic powerhouse," Trump said, touting his four years in office and stating his tax cuts raised people's income. His critics say that he inherited a growing economy, and under his leadership and handling of COVID-19, unemployment has skyrocketed.

Trump has been holding large rallies in swing states while his rival Biden holds socially distanced events due to the pandemic.

"You guys must love Trump. This place is packed," Trump said in Michigan.

It's unclear if the events in the last stretch of the campaign will make a difference as more than 90 million Americans have already cast votes in the country during early voting. 

Biden in the meantime has been trying to court Black voters who could be crucial for him to win in several states.

Changing demographics have made some traditionally Republican states such as Georgia and Texas more competitive this year. Trump is also heading to Georgia for an event on Monday.

Kamala Harris, the Democrats' Vice Presidential candidate, travelled to Georgia and former President Barack Obama has been out campaigning for Biden as well.

Tension mounts in the United States

Ahead of the presidential election, many large cities boarded up windows expecting unrest following the results.

Many retailers across the country are trying to protect stores with boarded windows and extra security following protests and civil unrest this year.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign cancelled events in Texas after Trump supporters surrounded the Democratic candidate's bus.

Experts say the election result could be called later than on Wednesday as votes continue to be counted throughout the week.

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