This week in pictures: marches for equality, unrest at Greek-Turkish border, markets in freefall

A conservative activist group called Manif pour Tous stages a protest against surrogacy in Paris
A conservative activist group called Manif pour Tous stages a protest against surrogacy in Paris Copyright LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP
By Natalia Liubchenkova
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The biggest stories of the week as seen by photojournalists around the world...


International Women's Day was marked with protests demanding equality, Europe became the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, stock markets plunged around the world, and the Greek-Turkish border crisis remains without a solution... these are the biggest stories of the week, as seen by photojournalists around the world.

Coronavirus spreading

The EU warned that healthcare systems across Europe are at "high risk" of being overwhelmed by coronavirus and financial markets suffered their worst losses on record.

AP Photo
A worker wearing protective clothing disinfects the Hagia Sophia mosque in IstanbulAP Photo
Bryan R. Smith/AFP
Wall Street stocks plunged deeper into the red in afternoon trading on 11 March, with losses accelerating after the WHO declared the coronavirus a global pandemicBryan R. Smith/AFP

Greek-Turkish border crises

Special forces from several European countries reached the Greek-Turkish border on Wednesday, 11 March to back up the Greek authorities in the dispute over the right of migrants to enter the country. Thousands of refugees and migrants have been trying to get into Greece over recent weeks, after Turkey declared its borders with Europe open.

Migrants take cover behind a wooden board as Greek police uses water cannons to block them trying to break fences in the Turkey-Greece borderBULENT KILIC / AFP

International Women's Rights Day

Massive demonstrations for International Women's Rights Day took place on Sunday, 8 March around the world to raise awareness of gender discrimination and other women's-related issues.

Women clash with riot police in Santiago during a march on International Women's DayMartin BERNETTI/AFP
A conservative activist group called Manif pour Tous dressed as Marianne, symbol of France, protested against assisted reproductive technology and surrogacyLIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP

Venezuela crisis

The US-backed Venezuelan political leader Juan Guaido led a march aimed at retaking the National Assembly legislative building, which opposition lawmakers have been blocked from entering.

Ariana Cubillos/AP Photo
Opposition protesters clash with police blocking their march in Caracas, VenezuelaAriana Cubillos/AP Photo

Tragic anniversary

Wednesday marked the ninth anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that took thousands of lives in Japan and caused a nuclear accident at Fukushima power station.

Kyodo News via AP
A woman throws flowers into the sea in tribute to victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Sendai, Japan, marking the disaster's ninth anniversaryKyodo News via AP

Lighting the Olympic flame

Greek Olympic officials held a pared-down flame-lighting ceremony for the Tokyo Games, due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus. It was closed to the public, and organisers slashed the number of officials as well as journalists present.

Thanassis Stavrakis/AP Photo
The flame-lighting ceremony at the closed Ancient Olympia site, the birthplace of the ancient Olympics in southern GreeceThanassis Stavrakis/AP Photo

Pale moon rising

The full moon added extra decoration to New York City's iconic skyline.

J. David Ake/AP Photo
The full moon behind the Statue of Liberty, in New York CityJ. David Ake/AP Photo

Holi festivities

Hindus threw coloured powder in celebration of the Holi festival in India, but the event was subdued compared to previous years as a result of fears around the spread of coronavirus.

A reveller smeared in colour powder celebrates Holi, the spring festival of colours, in MumbaiIndranil MUKHERJEE/ AFP
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