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Snow in Moscow is a no show - so it will just have to be fake snow!

Tourists take a selfie in Red Square decorated for New Year celebrations, with the the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower in the background, in Moscow, Russia.
Tourists take a selfie in Red Square decorated for New Year celebrations, with the the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower in the background, in Moscow, Russia. Copyright AP Photo/Pavel GolovkinPavel Golovkin
Copyright AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin
By Noemi Mrav
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Moscow decorates city with artificial snow in warmest winter since 1886.


Moscow is experiencing its warmest December since 1886 and its citizens aren't happy about it. They were so desperate for snow that they began a viral social media movement, showing pictures of themselves shovelling invisible snow.

"Do you see the snow? Neither did I, so we removed it" this video says.

The following tweet already focuses on the financial aspect of the invisible snow removal: "Meanwhile, the invisible snow is being removed in Vladimir. Although the snow is invisible, the money set aside for removing it is very real."

"Invisible snow has appeared in Russia! The roads must be cleaned several times a day in order not to disrupt traffic," the tweet below said.

"Invisible snow."

The city saw its citizens' crazed desperation to finally seeing some snow and dumped a truck full of artificial snow in Moscow's downtown area.

"Moscow. They brought the snow."

By doing so, the city intended to contribute to a festive new year's atmosphere and help "decorate".

"Artificial snow is being dumped in the centre of Moscow for a festive mood for its residents. I recall that Moscow spent 1.5 trillion rubles on beautification in the last 9 years, while ALL of the rest of Russia spent 1.7 trillion rubles during this time. They can afford it."
"Fact: Moscow exports garbage and imports snow."

"They brought the snow to Tverskaya Road and immediately closed it to motorists. Until January 22, only pedestrian traffic is allowed in the surrounding streets. You can buy everything from the Moscow budget, even in winter."

The snow was brought to Tverskaya Street and blocked it for cars. The streets of Tverskaya, Mokhovaya, Okhotny Ryad and Teatralny Passage will be just for pedestrians until 22:00 on January 6. With Moscow's budget you can buy everything. Even winter

The artificial snow was even awarded special protection.

*At night, snow on Tverskaya was under reliable protection*

But, of course, the artificial snow made its way to Red Square and other parts of downtown.

"Snow brought to Zaryadye park"

Snow is forecast for January, yet Muscovites are feeling the effects of climate change. On average, It is forecast to snow in January, although the effects of climate change are still felt with record high temperatures this December.

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