White Island volcano: New Zealand Police release updated list dead and missing

Rescuers on White Island off the coast of New Zealand's North Island
Rescuers on White Island off the coast of New Zealand's North Island Copyright AFP
By Caroline Mortimer
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At least 18 people have died or are missing following the eruption of the Whakaari volcano in the Bay of Plenty last week


New Zealand Police has released the names of 17 of the presumed 18 victims of the deadly eruption on White Island.

The final victim, who died in hospital after being transferred to Australia, has not yet been identified.

The majority of the victims of the eruption are from Australia but three US citizens who had been living in Australia and two New Zealanders are also among the dead or missing.

The volcano, also known as Whakaari, began erupting on 9 December, as several tours were taking place on the island which is the Bay of Plenty near the North Island.

At least 47 people were thought to have been on the island at the time of the eruption and 26 people are being treated in hospital for serious burns.

Watch: Rescue workers search for those missing after blast on White Island

The youngest confirmed victim is 13-year-old Matthew Hollander who died along with his parents and brother in the eruption.

Two people who have yet to be found but are believed to be in the water surrounding the island are 17-year-old Winona Langford from Australia and 40-year-old Hayden Arshall-Inman from New Zealand.

Winona’s parents, Anthony and Kristine Langford, have been confirmed dead while her brother Jesse Langford is in hospital.

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern has announced an investigation into the disaster and why tourists were allowed onto the privately-owned island which is in a near constant state of eruption.

White Island is a stratovolcano which means it typically sees continuous small-to-moderate eruptions and has been active for around 150,000 years.

Scientists say the volcano is difficult to predict, making it one of the most dangerous in the world.

The list of those confirmed dead by New Zealand Police are:

Krystal Eve Browitt, 21, Australian

Tipene Te Rangi Ataahua Maangi, 24, New Zealander

Zoe Hosking, 15, Australian

Gavin Brian Dallow, 53, Australian

Anthony Langford, 51, Australian

Kristine Langford, 45, Australian

Martin Hollander, 48, Australian


Barbara Hollander, 49, American (Australian permanent resident)

Matthew Hollander, 13, American (Australian permanent resident)

Berend Hollander, 16, American (Australian permanent resident)

Karla Mathews, 32, Australian

Jessica Richards, 20, Australian


Jason Griffiths, 33, Australian

Richard Elzerm 32, Australian

Julie Richards, 47, Australian

Those named as missing, presumed dead by New Zealand Police are:

Winona Langford, 17, Australian

Hayden Marshall-Inman 40, New Zealander

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