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Ask Our Astronaut | How do you stay sane in space?

Ask Our Astronaut | How do you stay sane in space?
By Julie Gaubert
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Back in October, we asked for your questions for Euronews space correspondent and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano.

More than a hundred of you sent them in, from all around the internet – Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Reddit.

They ranged from the sublime – Juliette, aged 10, asked which of your five senses do you use the most in space – to the potentially explosive: “How do you fart in space?”

Luca has chosen his favourites and will be answering in a weekly series called Ask Our Astronaut.

Here is a question from @brunoalves1670:

"How do you keep yourselves psychologically healthy in space?"

In this episode, Luca Parmitano tells us more about mental health in the International Space Station.

  • In collaboration with the European Space Agency

Video editor • Camille Simonet