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Watch: Donald Trump statue baffles locals in Melania's home nation

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By Euronews  with AP
Some locals were baffled as to what the eight-metre structure actually was
Some locals were baffled as to what the eight-metre structure actually was   -   Copyright  AP

A somewhat unflattering statue of US president Donald Trump has been unveiled in the home country of his wife Melania.

Locals in the Slovenian town of Kamnik were initially baffled as to what the eight-metre structure actually was, with some believing it was a replica of The Statue of Liberty.

Stane Supar, a local resident and the owner of the land on which the sculpture was erected, said: "We don't know exactly what it is. It was set up by the Sports and Cultural Society. Some say it's the Statue of Liberty, others say it's Donald Trump. It is similar to Trump. I would consider it a parody of Trump.

"I have never heard [anyone say] positive things about this statue. Everyone says it does not work, its too big and that it doesn't belong here."

Earlier this summer a "rustic" statue of First Lady Melania Trump appeared near her hometown of Sevnica.

Commissioned by American artist Brad Downey and carved by local folk artist Ales Zupevc, the wooden statue was an accompaniment to an exhibition in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana exploring Melania's roots.

The statue was in the style of the native art typical of the region and as such was not instantly recognisable as Mrs Trump, save for the powder blue coat it was wearing, similar to that worn by the real-life Melania to her husband's inauguration.

Downey said he wanted to "have a dialogue with my country's political situation" and highlight Melania Trump's status as an immigrant married to a president sworn to reduce immigration.

But one Svenica local took a different meaning from the piece Svenica resident Katarina Klenovsek said: "You know what makes her resemble Melania? Look at how high she climbed to the top, just like real Melania, who rose to the top of America. A little girl from Sevnica. Hats off to her."