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Switzerland says coffee 'no longer essential' to human survival — social media disagrees

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By Rachael Kennedy
Switzerland says coffee 'no longer essential' to human survival — social media disagrees

Switzerland's government is set to end mandatory stockpiling of emergency coffee beans after it was deemed "no longer essential" to human survival.

According to the Swiss Office for National Economic Supply, the World War-era stockpiling list currently requires a compulsory 3-month supply of coffee.

This sits alongside similar demands for sugar, rice, cooking oils and fats.

But on Wednesday, Swiss officials said it had begun reevaluation of its emergency items, concluding that coffee was no longer a "vital item".

"It is low in calories, and it does not contribute to the nutritional intake required," the country's Economic Supply Procurement (EAF) said.

"For the EAF, it is no longer justified to continue the compulsory storage of coffee."

A final decision on the coffee question will be made in November.

Caffeine hoards

A country dependent on importing goods, Switzerland has maintained its emergency stockpiling since the First and Second World Wars as a "precautionary measure".

It requires manufacturing companies to hoard the goods — in the case of coffee, there are 15 companies, including Nestle, that are required to keep emergency beans.

"If an unforeseen crisis means the market is no longer able to satisfy demand for vital basic goods, having reserves to release as needed is a valuable instrument for the National Economic Supply," the government says.

Trouble brewing

While the Swiss may have downgraded their coffee needs, other caffeine fiends around Europe have highlighted the importance of their fix.

An "unwise move from our Swiss neighbours," one Austria-based Twitter user wrote.

Germany-based user Greg McNevin simply crossed Switzerland off his list of potential countries to visit in order to ride out an apocalypse, leaving his options to Iceland, New Zealand and Australia.

Ally Suart, from London, suggested the tiredness from his new parental responsibilities made coffee absolutely vital.

And one Twitter user summed the dilemma up perfectly.

"Hey Switzerland, I think the millions of momzies, deployed military and just about everyone but the British will disagree with you," he said.

"Coffee beans are vital for human survival."