Watch in 360°: Dog-racing across the French Alps | TARGO

Watch in 360°: Dog-racing across the French Alps | TARGO
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300 kilometres across the Alps, four days under heavy rain, wind and snow. The Vercors Quest is one the hardest sled dog races of the season. Race with Jérome and his dogs in this 360° video.


Can you imagine running up to a 100 kilometres in a single day? Welcome to the life of a sled dog.

VR media company, TARGO, followed a so-called musher (a dog sled driver) and his dogs during the Vercors Quest, one of the world's toughest sled dogs races.

For four days, Jérôme Serres and his ten dogs ran 300 kilometres across the French Alps braving cold, wind, rain and snow. 

In this 360° report, you can join them as they ascend up to 2,200 metres per day.

Top dog

One dog is especially important to Jérôme Serres and his chances to win the race:

"Looping, my leader dog, is extremely important. He is the one who gives directions to the other dogs, he is in charge of the team's pace. He needs the mental strength to carry all the other dogs, I am really counting on him to perform well."

For Jérôme and his dogs participating in the Vercors Quest is a highlight of the year:

"With all the training we did on the land, in the mud, under the rain, this is the reward we get from the effort we put in."

TARGO is a virtual reality media company. Their documentaries are available on VR streaming platforms like Samsung VR, Inception VR, CineVR Littlstar, Veer, Oculus Video as well as Youtube and Facebook.

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