Take a tour of Notre-Dame in 360 degrees

Take a tour of Notre-Dame in 360 degrees
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In this 360° video, the head of the Notre-Dame Cathedral takes viewers on an extraordinary tour behind the scenes of the iconic Parisian landmark.

"How does one become Rector-Archpriest of Notre-Dame? Oh, I would say, it’s a stroke from the holy spirit’s hand," says Patrick Chauvet.

In this 360° video, Chauvet, the head of the Notre-Dame in Paris, takes viewers on an unprecedented tour behind the scenes of one of the most famous churches in the world.

Notre-Dame is a universally recognised symbol of France's religious and cultural heritage, but it's much more than just a must-see for tourists in Paris.

"The beauty of this place, the beauty of Notre-Dame comes from its people. It’s the crowds. It’s the Christians that come here to pray and look up to Notre-Dame," says Chauvet.


Being close to the ordinary churchgoing Christians is, according to Chauvet, a fundamental task for the clergy.

"To me, a churchman is not someone out of touch, that lives secluded from society. Rather, it’s someone close to his church-goers, close to what they live and go through," he says.

"Sometimes, we hear people blaming us for being disconnected from the world. We are not, we live profoundly in the middle of this world. More than anyone else."

Explore the famous church and see what it's like to lead it by clicking on the 360° video at the top of this article.

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