Steve Harvey at Dubai Lynx: “Google has fooled young people”

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By Euronews
Steve Harvey at Dubai Lynx: “Google has fooled young people”

The Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity hosted Steve Harvey this week in the UAE.

The Emmy-award-winning personality and comedian peppered his speech about the current state of the broadcast industry with many of his trademark jokes at the creative communications industry event.


On the topic of millennials with ambitions to follow in his comedic footsteps, the father-of-seven said that having different life experiences is key to humour:

“There are no famous 21-year-old comedians, there are none. You know why? Because you have nothing to talk about. Nothing. You’ve never been divorced, you’ve never been fired, you don’t have any kids.”

Harvey also spoke of how he made it in the competitive world of television - from a once penniless comedian, living in his car - to the best-selling author and presenter he is today.


He added that the internet and social media can sometimes paint a false picture of success for the young generation.

“Becoming successful is a mindset, you have to learn the principles of success,” he said.

“You can apply it to anything, you can make millions of dollars selling tomatoes if you have the right mindset. But what a lot of young people are missing is the mindset, because Google has fooled young people they know everything.”

“You only get successful knowing what I know. You can’t Google it.”