Take a 360° tour of an Angolan diamond mine

Take a 360° tour of an Angolan diamond mine
By Chris Burns

BUSINESS ANGOLA | Have you ever wondered how diamonds are found? In this interactive report, you can follow the process from beginning to end.

Start the interactive 360-degree experience by clicking the image above. Don't forget to turn the sound on.

If you are watching on a computer, you can enter full-screen mode by clicking on the binoculars and drag yourself around using your computer mouse.

If you are watching on a smartphone, move the smartphone around or use your fingers to pan.

Do you know what a diamond mine looks like?

Deep underneath the red soil, 500 kilometres inland from the Angolan coast, the seven hundred employees of the Cuango mining concession are hard at work to locate and excavate diamonds.

How do they do it? First, they have to dig deep: The diamonds here are located more than 25 metres underground.

Explore the diamond mine and see the rest of the steps and by starting the video above.

If the video does not load, please click here: https://app.getfader.com/projects/a7254fe2-d366-4507-81c2-4565ba35a364/publish

This 360-degree video was shot with a GoPro Fusion

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