Raw Politics in full: France to outlaw anti-Zionism, German food waste, and US-Austria divide

Raw Politics in full: France to outlaw anti-Zionism, German food waste, and US-Austria divide
By Euronews
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All this and more in Thursday night's full episode of Raw Politics.

Thorny debate


After a surge of antisemitic attacks in France, President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday that anti-Zionism will be recognized as a form of anti-semitism.

A 74% surge in antisemitic incidents was recently reported in the country.

Food fight

Germany is vowing to crack down on the 11 million tonnes of food that are wasted by households each year.

In a new advertisement, the German government told people to trust their senses, saying if the food looks and smells okay — then it probably is! Authorities also asked manufacturers to package food in smaller amounts and invest in “intelligent” packaging that will notify consumers if their food is still edible after the sell-by date.

Troubled times

Austria's chancellor sat down with US President Donald Trump in a meeting that only served to highlight the Europe-US divide.

They were expected to get along well but the two leaders did not appear to see eye-to-eye during a meeting in the White House.

After the encounter, Kurz told Austrian public broadcaster ORF that their relationship "has seen better times" concerning trade and energy policy.

Brexit boo-boo?

When European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker arrived at the EU institutions with a plaster on his face on Thursday morning he joked that British Prime Minister Theresa May wasn't to blame.

"You may have noticed that on my cheek is the result of a non-intentional gesture I committed this morning," he said.

As the audience laughed, he added: "I'm telling you so that you don't think it was Mrs May who did this to me," in reference to the latest meetings Juncker held with British prime minister to try and solve the current Brexit impasse.

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