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What is Europe's media saying on the morning of the Brexit vote?

What is Europe's media saying on the morning of the Brexit vote?
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By Rachael Kennedy
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On the morning of the UK's crucial vote whether to back Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, we took a quick look at the front pages from across the EU.


On the morning of the UK parliament's crucial vote on whether to back Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan, we took a look at what Europe's media is saying on its front pages.

United Kingdom

In the UK, the front pages showed a mix of messages directed at voting MPs, saving democracy, begging Prime Minister Theresa May for a Brexit plan B, and discussion over the likelihood of May suffering a "crushing defeat."

"Don't lose our trust for ever"

"Time to put your country first"

"Please open up your eyes (and ears) and start looking for a plan B"

"May facing crushing defeat in Brexit vote"

"Out of allies, out of time"

"May braced for historic defeat on Brexit D-Day"


Across Europe, the front pages were a little more tense and subdued, sharing a mix of predicted "chaos" should MPs vote the deal down and apprehension from countries such as Ireland, which says it is "not yet ready."


"British chaos threatens if May's plan fails tonight"


"On the way to a wild week"


"The Commons have the hand"


"May warns of Brexit blockade"


"Ireland 'not yet ready' as no deal looms"


"Today, May facing the rejection in parliament of her Brexit deal"

"May calls on MPs to support Brexit: 'history will judge you'"


"Theresa May risks greatest parliamentary defeat in 100 years"

"Day B: House of Commons votes today on the UK's exit agreement from the European Union"

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