Christmas tree throwing championships held in Germany

The annual Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships took place in Weidenthal, Germany on Sunday.

Competitors had to tackle three disciplines: Christmas tree high jump, Christmas tree javelin throwing, and Christmas tree spinning.

Cheered on by 1,000 spectators, 55 men and 30 women took part.

Margret Klein-Raber from Siersburg won the women's competition, reaching four metres in the high jump, 8.7 metres in the spinning and 7.5 metres in the javelin — all new world records for a combined distance of 20.20 metres.

Christopher Milloth from Weidenthal won the men's event, with five metres in the high jump, a new world record of 10.3 metres in the spinning, and 8.6 metres in the javelin for a combined distance of 23.9 metres.