Raw Politics: Europe's anger hangover

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By Euronews
Raw Politics: Europe's anger hangover

It may be the beginning of a new year, but Europe is still facing old problems.

As  Gilets Jaunes protesters continued their demonstrations in France, the movement has spread across the continent to countries such as Germany and Belgium.

Malta's MEP Roberta Metsola told Raw Politics there is a "growing sense of frustration" and that people are fed up with the establishment and "what they have done for decades". 

She added, there is a growing sense of people feeling they can "bring governments to their knees" by taking to the streets. 

Politico's Ryan Heath said citizens across the bloc have taken inspiration from protests in the US and are taking their voice to the street.

Meanwhile, Belgian MEP Gerolf Annemans said the EU has been ignoring several signals of discontent "for almost a decade", which include issues such as migration. 

The wave of discontent will likely see a boom in popularity for the far-left and far-right parties in this year's European Council elections.