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Should the song 'Baby It's Cold Outside' be banned? | Raw Politics

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Should the song 'Baby It's Cold Outside' be banned? | Raw Politics
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The song "Baby It's Cold Outside" has been banned by radio stations in the US and Canada.

The Christmas song, which tells the story of a woman repeatedly saying she wants to leave and a man insisting that she stays a bit longer, has been accused of sexism. Is it sinister or harmless?

Watch above as the panel on Euronews' Raw Politics panel discusses what the song's lyrics mean and whether or not it should be banned from radio waves.

The song was released in 1944, which, as noted by Euronews' Darren McCaffrey, was "a long time ago".

"Really it's just a bit of fun", said Euronews' Shona Murray.

Teresa Kuchler, EU correspondent for the Svenska Dagbladet, said: "This is not harmless or sinister, this is educational.

"If I had teenage children I would play the song to them and tell them that not so long ago, this was the song and dance a woman had to do when she, I think, wanted to stay, but she had to pretend she didn't."

She added that it shouldn't be banned.

Telegraph journalist James Crisp agreed: "Why are you going to be upset over a song when you've got Donald Trump being president?" he asked. "There's a mad double standard."