Air-taxi prototype unveiled at Amsterdam drone show

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By Euronews
Air-taxi prototype unveiled at Amsterdam drone show

It's not ready to go to market just yet but here may be a glimpse of the future.

A drone-cum-car prototype has been presented at the Amsterdam Drone Week convention. This craft is made up of three separate modules, a chassis with wheels, a two-seat capsule for passengers and a four-rotor drone.

Co-created by Airbus, Audi and Ital Design the 'Pop.Up Next' is an early player in the anticipated air-taxi industry.

Joerg Peter Mueller of Urban Ari Mobility Airbus says "So at the very beginning the systemswill probably be one vehicle that just does flying from A to B. So it will probably not be modular at the very beginning and then as the technology matures as we know more about what the customer expects, what he values, how he wants to get transported, we will see what kind of modularity we can apply to the system and ultimately perhaps come to something like this."