Passenger taken off plane for 'horror' smell dies

Passenger taken off plane for 'horror' smell dies
Copyright Piet Van Haut
Copyright Piet Van Haut
By Pascale DaviesEmma Beswick, Cristina Abellan-Matamoros
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A passenger who was taken off a plane because of his 'horror' stench earlier this month has died due to necrosis.


The passenger whose illness caused a Transavia flight to make an emergency landing last month has died.

Passengers on the flight told Euronews that some people "vomited" in reaction to the smell and were forced to hold towels over their noses.

After the plane landed in Faro, Portugal, on May 30 the man who was identified by Russian media as former Russian rock musician Andrey Suchilin was taken to the hospital.

Suchilin was diagnosed with tissue necrosis — which causes the premature death of cells in living tissue.

On Monday, Suchilin’s wife Lidia Tikhonovich wrote on Facebook that her husband had passed away.

Tikhonovich wrote that Suchilin’s health deteriorated quickly and he was rapidly transferred to intensive care. On June 2, she said that he had entered a coma and that the necrosis was still spreading to new areas.

The former musician stayed in the hospital for about a month and underwent various surgeries before dying.

In a statement to Euronews earlier this month, the airliner Transavia confirmed the emergency landing was because of "medical reasons," but did not say if it was due to the man's odour.

However, due to privacy legislation, the airline said it "cannot disclose details about individual cases."

"What we can say is that our crew has acted correctly and carefully in accordance with the applicable procedures," Transavia added.

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