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Radovan Karadzic asks UN Judges to overturn genocide conviction

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By Chris Pilcher
Radovan Karadzic asks UN Judges to overturn genocide conviction

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic appears in court, asking UN judges to overturn his genocide conviction.

He was sentenced to 40 in prison around two years ago, for war crimes committed during Yugoslavia's break up in the 1990s.

Kate Gibson, representing Karadzic, told UN Judges; "President Karadzic was required in this case to choose between representing himself or testifying in his own defence. And by being put in that position, President Karadzic`'s right to self-representation was violated."

As President of the breakaway Bosnian Serb Republic, UN Judges say Karadzic was at the 'apex of power' of the Bosnian Serb military during the brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.

This includes the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, where around 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed.

He's also accused of supporting the shelling of civilians during the 44 month siege of Sarajevo.

Karadzic was found guilty on 10 counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Munira Subasic is a Member of the 'Mothers of Srebrenica' Bosnian War Victims' Organisation. She says; "If it's not a life sentence, it's not a punishment. If it's not a conviction for genocide, it's not a punishment".

But 72 year old Karadzic maintains he's been misinterpreted, unfairly represented and warrants a re-trial.