More than half of the UK wants public vote on Brexit deal: survey

More than half of the UK wants public vote on Brexit deal: survey
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By Alice Cuddy
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The survey by pollster Opinium Research found that 52% of people were in favour of a "people's vote" on the Brexit deal.


The majority of people in the UK want a “people’s vote” on the final Brexit deal, according to a new survey in which some 52% of respondents expressed support for the idea.

The survey, conducted by pollster Opinium Research for pro-EU campaign group Open Britain, saw 31% of respondents say they were opposed to a “people’s vote”, while 17% said they didn’t know or had no opinion.

In total, 2,008 people took part in the survey with the sample weighted to reflect a nationally representative audience.

Respondents were asked to what extent they supported or opposed the public voting on the final Brexit deal the British government makes with the EU.

The poll found that people aged between 18 and 34 were most in favour of having a “people’s vote”, and people aged 55 and over were most opposed to the idea.

Broken down by country, 59% of people in Scotland expressed support for the idea, compared to 58% in Wales, 52% in England and 45% in Northern Ireland.

Of respondents who voted to leave the EU, 45% were opposed to the idea of a public vote, compared to 38% in favour.

The survey was conducted earlier this week, ahead of a campaign launched by Open Britain calling for a public vote on whatever Brexit deal British Prime Minister Theresa May presents to parliament.

“Whether you think the government will negotiate a good deal or bad deal, Brexit is definitely a big deal,” Open Britain’s Executive Director James McGrory said in a statement.

“Brexit will affect everybody in the country, which is why it should not be left to 650 politicians to decide our future but 65 million people. That is why so many are demanding a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.”

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