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Analysts predict Fidesz Party will retain government in Hungary

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By Kristina Harazim  with Reuters
The ruling Fidesz Party strongly opposes migration.
The ruling Fidesz Party strongly opposes migration.   -   Copyright  Reuters

Hungarians are preparing to go to the polls this weekend, but political analysts say it is likely Viktor Orban's Fidesz Party will retain power.

The most recent polls show 10 per cent of voters have not decided who they will choose, but more than half of those would like a change in government.

"Hungarians got used to a much more easy voting situation," Zavecz Research Institute Executive Director Tibor Zavecz said. "Meanwhile the new system is strange for them too, so the majority of them cannot understand the method of the cross-voting between the candidates of the allied opposition parties."

The far-right Jobbik saw a rise of 16 per cent support in the past month.

Political Capital senior analyst, Bulcsu Hunyadi said neither the migrant crisis nor government propaganda influenced the result.

"Economically, a large part of people have lost their lives, their situation has deteriorated, poverty is growing, life conditions are more difficult and what is important is that they have no prospects for a better life."

A change in government would require at least 70 per cent of eligible voters to participate in the election.

But experts believe division among the opposition will likely hand the Fidesz Party another win.

Video editor • Kristina Harazim